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Our Vision and Mission form the driving forces for achieving our goals.
*  is to see Urhobo United with one voice and purpose to foster progressive development of the Urhobo people in the Diaspora, Nigeria  and in the home Urhoboland.
* is to be the Funnel of ideas for a better Urhobo
* to connect the Urhobos "old"  with the "young" for holistic development of the Urhobo people.
* to maintain a healthy and cordial relationship with our neighbouring communities around Urhoboland such as Isokos, Ijaws, Ukuanis, Itsekiris, Edos and Ibos.
* also to maintain a healthy and cordial relationship with our neighbours from other nationalities we live with in the UK.
Our Mission:
  • Is to continue to intensify our efforts to bring "Awareness" to the Urhobo people in the UK, Nigeria and in the Diaspora for proper enlightenment and education of all so that none is left in ignorance thereby enhancing the unification of the people.


  • We shall accomplish this by networking with all the existing and future Urhobo Organisations, Associations, Unions, Societies and Clubs for proper dissemination of information across the Network.

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Our Mission is to provide the avenue for Networking with other Urhobo and Non-Urhobo people and organisations/communities/individuals to form a "Chain".
Urhobo Bridge for Urhobo Network

Urhobo Bridge UK, Register No. 7187638, England and Wales.