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The Second Urhobo Awareness Day of Urhobo Bridge UK was celebrated yesterday the 22nd October 2011. It was a huge success. The turn out was fantastic and participants spoke words of encouragement.
Registration of participants began at 2 pm as stated in the invitation card. The event kicked off at exactly 4 pm after waiting for more people to arrive. The MC of the occasion Mr Henry Ogboru announced that the presence of dignitaries would be announced as they arrived as there was no time to wait for everybody to arrive before starting.
In the time being, Dr Ovuefe Efeotor was nominated as the acting Chairman and Mr Benson Eduvie President of Okpara Patriotic Union UK, was the Moderator of the Presentation sessions. 
Among the cream of dignitaries in attendance were Chief Ejiro Ughwujabo (Head Teacher St Mary's School Croydon), Pastor Sylvester Ojobo who led the opening prayer, Dr Ovuefe Efeotor, Chief SS Obruche (Chairman of UHS UK & Belgium),Venerable Arawo (the Archdeacon of Agbarho, Delta State Nigeria), Mr Michael Odeje (Chairman of Council of Urhobo Elders), Dr Dia Scott-Emuakpor, Mr Paul Akpofure (President of UPU UK), Chief P. Ejoh (JP) the Chairman of the occassion and (President of Council of Urhobo Chiefs), Mr Sam Irivie (President of Agbarha Union UK), Mr George Ikirigbe, Mrs Margaret Okome (Lady Vice President Okpara Patriotic Union), Chief Gilbert Oshevire.
Others were, Dr Lumumba Ubani, Chief G. Ubiaro, Chief Tony Okperi (President Agbarho Union), Mr MP Oyeghe, Chief Philip Emagbetere (Vice President Council of Urhobo Chiefs and President of Ovu Union), Chief Dan Ogodo (President of Abraka Union and Abraka Socialites), Mr Isaac Uhwokori (National Secretary UPU UK), Chief (Mrs) P. Akiri, Mr Ese Ariemugbovwe (President Evwreni Union) and Mr Angus Omasoro (former Vice President of UPU UK and Chairman UPF UK) just to mention a few.
There were Presidents and Chairmen of Urhobo Unions, Associations, Clubs together with their members also in attendance.
The climax of the event was when the Nigerian Deputy High Commissioner Ambassador Dozie Nwanna, OON arrived. He was warmly received by the participants and he responded warmly too.
The event started with opening address by the President of Urhobo Bridge, Shadrack Okpako (Evang). That was followed with the presentation of the topic: Urhobo Survival Technique "Ifo" by Chief S S Obruche. That was followed with the presentation of: Delta Credit Union by Nwerhovwo Ughwujabo.
There was the session of Questions and Answers following the two topics presented. Many also made speeches that expressed their satisfaction and support for the initiative of the Credit Union. Participants were urged to go to their respective groups/unions to propagate this intiative in order that many people support it to succeed.
The Questions and Answers time was followed with the presentation of the topic: "Orogun Ogborigbo Myth" by Chief G. Oshevire. Then was the presentation of the "Ekene Legend of Agbarha" by Mr Sam Irivie.
Then there was a short break with some more Questions and Answers session.
The last topic of "Urhobo Traditional Marriage: Precedures and Process" was presented by Mr George Ikirigbe entirely in Urhobo language. He threw in a lot of humours into the presentation that exhilarated the whole people gathered in the hall. It made many people to request for another event where this topic should be repeated. After his presentation, Chief Ejiro Ughwujabo explained the presentation made by Mr Ikirigbe in English and went further to present the "Sanctity of Urhobo Marriage".
After all presentations, there was the raffle draw and the event came to a successful close.
Please visit this website often for the Communique that will be issued as a follow-up to the points raised during the event.
Thank you very much for your interest.

Here is the Events Page: The latest event is always at the top of this page.


Urhobo Bridge UK Ltd is organising the Urhobo Awareness Day 2011 and the event comes up on the 222nd October 2011. Details are as following:

Venue:   All Saints Church Community Cntre, New Cross Road, London SE14 5DJ

Date:     22 October 2011

Time:    14.00 Hours

Theme:  Preserving Urhobo Socio - Cultural Heritage : 
               A Night of Urhobo Tales and Myths

Topics:  Discussion on Urhobo Marriage, The Myths around "Ekene" of Agbarha, The Myths around "Ogborigbo" in Orogun, The Urhobo Survival Technique - "Ifo" ... and many more Tales (Esia), Riddles and Jokes (Ido).

The event shall feature: Pastor Adjarho David Obaro - The Urhobo Wrapper Man who is championing Fund Raising activities for Urhobo Youths group called Generation "U". 

Some quality time shall be spent to present and explain in great details the Delta Credit Union UK - an initiative by Urhobo Bridge aimed at encouraging and supporting people from Delta State of Nigeria for access to finance.

There shall also be a Raffle draw where valuable items will be won.

It shall be a night not to be missed.

Everyone is cordially invited. And please endeavour to be prompt as there may not be enough space for the multitude expected to come that day. Therefore, be there promptly to avoid any disappointment.

Thank you in anticipation of your prompt attendance.


Urhobo Bridge is organising a Special Meeting for ALL Urhobo Youths (in UK and abroad) between the ages 18 - 40 as one of the items from the action plan/outcome of the Urhobo Awareness Day (UAD) 2009. The initiative that this meeting is holding for is called Generation U.   Please Click Here to access the information leaflet. The highlights are as followings:

Date: 5th December 2009

Venue: Palmcroy House, 387 London Road,
              Croydon, CR0 3PB

Time: 2pm — 7.30pm


 Entrepreneurial skills

 Professional Networking

 Mentoring

 Employability Skills

 ==== And much more ...

To confirm please call or email:

Efe: 07852329651 Nero: 07957311668

Email: generation-u@live.co.uk



The major Urhobo Bridge event coming up in the summer time by 
Bank Holiday Monday 31 August 2009
is our
Venue: Queens Hotel, Crystal Palace, London SE19 2UG
Time: 4 pm - 11 pm.
The Theme:
  • It will feature major Urhobo achievements, challenges, Prospects and solutions. This is in the spirit of our aim of "Bridging" the past with the present and the future generations.


  • There will Raffle Draw supported by some Household known High Street Departmental Stores such as TESCO, ASDA, etc. on the day as well. More details about this soon.


  • Many important Dignitories from Nigeria, USA and UK will be in attendance to present their speech. More details shall be posted here from time to time. So please visit more often.


  • The Youths are not left out. The Urhobo Dynamics (UK) shall be presenting too. 


  • And recently, we have added the Young Urhobo Bridgers also "poshly" called Generation U. They shall also feature at the event on 31 August 2009. There shall be more information about them later.
You are hereby cordially invited.
But seats are limited as booking is first come first served. So reserve your seat now. Reserve your seat by sending an e-mail to the Publicity Secretary at: urhobobridge@yahoo.com
Subject line is: RE: URHOBO AWARENESS DAY.
Thanks a lot.
One other important Activity of the day shall be the Raffle Draw. Some valuable items have been earmarked for grabs by lucky winners. It shall create some fun for all able participants who may have worked so hard during the seminars, speeches and presentations to relax with. The ticket price is only 2 each. It will also help raise some funds for defraying part of the cost of organising the event.
It is worthy of mention here that the Raffle Draw was generously supported by household Departmental Store names like: TESCO, WILKINSON and ASDA. We express our profound and unalloyed gratitude to them for their generosity and support.
The Urhobo Awareness Day 2009 has come and gone. But the action emanating from it has just begun. Please visit this page for update about our events from time to time. Thank you for your interest and support.

Inauguration of UPU Executives 23 May 2009
Urhobo Bridge hereby wish the newly elected UPU executives in London UK and Ireland a successful inauguration ceremony:
23 May 2009
Venue: Rivers of Life, Hatcham Road,
Off Ilderton Road. Lodon SE15
The Urhobo Unity Summit held in PTI campus, Warri Delta State on the 30th and 31st July 2009 with Olorogun Senator Felix O. Ibru, President General of UPU as the Chief Host.

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