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It has been brought to our notice that some individuals have been circulating malicious and unfounded rumours that Urhobo Bridge is sponsoring some candidates in the forth-coming UPU elections.


The Council of Elders, The Care Taker Committee/Electoral Committee, Urhobo unions, clubs and individuals should please take note that such rumours are completely false and purely speculative. Urhobo Bridge is only interested in a free, fair and transparent UPU election for a better, stronger and united UPU, UK. Therefore, we want to state categorically with this communiqué that Urhobo Bridge as an organisation is NOT sponsoring candidates in the forth-coming elections; and we are rigidly committed to our culture of absolute neutrality when dealing with issues concerning UPU and all other Urhobo groups and individuals.


We also use this medium to state that we believe in democracy, the rule of law, and freedom of speech and association for you and our members. Therefore, members are entitled to personal opinions but are also mindful that such utterances should not be reckless and provocative, and do not necessarily represent the views of Urhobo Bridge. Therefore, we shall not take responsibility for views that are expressed and tagged as personal.


Consequently, we are writing to appeal to the public and rumour-mongers to desist from this act immediately and to investigate allegations or issues rather than engage in offensive act of vilification.


Urhobo needs to be united for the realisation and actualisation of perpetual progress and development. We believe that people are identified by clans solely for the purposes of administrative convenience in governance; so Urhobo should be seen as one. We must stop the act of selfishness and segregation that hinder our progress; and continue to live united as civilised and dynamic citizens. This is what Urhobo Bridge stands for.


Long live Urhobo !

Long live Urhobo Bridge!


Thank you very much for attention.




Dr Igho Ighorodje
Publicity Secretary


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