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Urhobo Bridge incorporating Generation U:

The Urhobo Awareness Day (UAD) 2009 was celebrated on the 31 August 2009. The Press Release following the event can be downloaded from the link below. It is in pdf format. So it requires Acrobat Reader to download it. Please click the link below to DOWNLOAD .............

click here to download file

Press Release

Urhobo Bridge, UK incorporating "Generation U"

– Our Dream For The Urhobo People

Urhobo Bridge was formed by a group of sensitised Urhobos living in the UK in response to the identification of factors that have been persistently obstructive to the advancement of the Urhobo people including those in the Diaspora.

Our paramount aim is to act as a bridge between Urhobo individuals, unions and clubs, generations and to reach out to Urhobo neighbours. Our goal is to build a better, stronger and dynamic Urhobo nation by the application of a Collaborative Approach. Another area of focus for us is in working with families and young people especially in the utilisation of Networking, Mentoring and Entrepreneurship. Towards the realisation of this goal, we are pioneering an Initiative labelled "Generation U." Many young Urhobos have indicated their interest online and would be meeting up very soon in a networking forum in London during which membership will be formalised.

In August 2009, we held an event – Urhobo Awareness Day (UAD). The topic for this interactive session was:

"Urhobo As A People:

Achievements, Challenges, Prospects And Solutions

- A Dialogue With The Audience."

It was under the chairmanship of Dr Ovuefe Efeotor. It was well attended by many dignitaries and accomplished professionals. Our speakers included Prof Ekeh, from USA, who was also our Special Guest of Honour and Dr Scot-Emuakpor (London UK). Also in attendance was Mrs Felicia Emesiri-Akusu, a Diplomat from Nigerian Embassy in Belgium. There were several presentations including the history and geography of Urhobo, and Attitudinal Problems inimical to the advancement of the Urhobo people. It also featured the presentation of Awards and a Raffle draw. We shall be releasing an action plan to ensure the fulfilment of our objectives. The action plan shall further be subjected to a systematic evaluation and audit process with a view to optimising our strategies and ensuring a desirable outcome.

Urhobo Bridge has enjoyed an excellent acceptance and support from the Urhobo community worldwide. It has also been well acknowledged and perceived that we are 2

not aiming to outclass other unions, rather, all we are doing is to complement the good work of other existing Urhobo unions and clubs.

The Urhobos are confronted by multifarious and ever increasing and changing challenges; and it is most unrealistic that a single person or club can wave the magic wand, so there is the need for everyone to engage in a collaborative approach – to give an "Oshebe effect!" This is what Urhobo Bridge continues to profess. Please be mindful that we are all working for a common and collective purpose of achieving advancement for the Urhobo people; and to give direction and hope to posterity.

We remain sincerely thankful to those who attended our UAD and all that supported us in various ways.

We are looking forward to meeting the new entrants to "Generation U" in due course. Young Urhobo people resident in other countries including Nigeria are also encouraged to join "Generation U" to enable them benefit from our free Mentoring, Entrepreneurship and Networking services. If you wish to identify with this initiative please sign online or contact us for enquiry via Urhobo Bridge website:


or send an email to: urhobobridge@yahoo.com

Long Live Generation U!

Long Live Urhobo Bridge!!

Long Live Urhobo!!!



Dr Igho Ighorodje,
Publicity Secretary. Urhobo Bridge.
And Co-ordinator, the "Generation U" Initiative.

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