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Current Forum Discussion Topics:

Over the years, the Urhobo Language is gradually being neglected by those who are supposed to be speaking it due to several reasons. One such reason being that most Urhobo sons and daughters are born outside Urhoboland. But then, even those born and bred within the Urhoboland hardly speak Urhobo fluently and complete any Urhobo sentence without adding English (or broken/Pidgin English) to their speech.
Here we are conducting a Survey about what is the cause of this situation. We therefore solicit your support to help us complete the survey.
Thank you in anticipation of your support. You shall get the feedback on the outcome of this survey and what we shall do to make progress.
2.  Know Your Own Personality Traits:
The personality of an individual is as unique as the person's fingerprint. No two people have exactly the same fingerprint. So also is the personality of each individual differ from one another. Although there can be some similarities.  This is a PILOT Exercise with just a few people and it will be introduced to the wider Urhobo audience at home and Diaspora later on.
Please if you are happy and excited with the exercise, send us a note (email: urhobobridge@yahoo.com) to express your experience so that we can know that it is worthwhile and that will give us the confidence of introducing it to the wider audience of the Urhobo community.
Thank you very much. Compliments of the Season.
Shadie Okpako.
Jan 2010
This is the OPERATION for bringing at least ONE URHOBO PERSON.
This is a survey for the Promotion of Urhobo Language. (It does not matter if the respondent is living outside London or even outside UK. What is important is your response(s) which will help us with our analysis).  
Meanwhile, members can continue to use this Survey link in their e-mail messages to any Urhobo person they know anywhere in the Diaspora.
Yes, the reader of this on the website now can as well forward the webpage to their acquaintances:  to ANY Urhobo person you know anywhere in the whole DIASPORA (as many as possible without any limit).  This is to give us a large source of information to process for a better analysis and for a better near scientific solution. Remember, we are in the 21st Century where almost everything needs empirical explanation.
You can copy and paste it into your outgoing e-mails.
Thank you for your understanding.
Imoni Me Wa do o o !
You can also recieve a voice recorded message by clicking on the link below:
Please always come back to this website for latest updates and developments. Your comments are also welcome to help us improve our services.
Shadie Okpako.

Urhobo Wa Do o

Please do not forget to leave a message for us in the Guest Book.  Thanks for doing that.