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We'll explain our Vision and Mission Here.

Our Vision:

To provide the “Bridge” or “Link” or "Network" or “Connection” among all the Urhobo people and organisations that serve the Urhobo people. It has been seen that the other groups and organisations are operating individually in their own sphere of formation. But the Urhobo people as a nation in the 21st century needed to operate more as a corporate body rather than individually. We see nations forming a larger organisation to produce a big voice.


For instance, the European Union that combines the forces of all its member nations gets things done faster and better for the benefit of member nations with that formidable might and voice from all member nations and producing one voice of purpose.


The same is true of the African Union and the USA. Urhobo nation should not and cannot be an exemption. We need one voice of purpose to move forward.


We believe that if all Urhobo people and Urhobo organisations at home and in the Diaspora should unite together by way of "network" or "bridge" to support our umbrella organisation UPU, we shall find a solution to the searched one voice of purpose.

Our Mission 

1.                 Urhobo as a nation needs to gel together (but NOT by merging together) all the individualistic groups so that it will be possible to produce a singular voice that represents the voice of the Urhobo people.


2.                  To provide the avenue for bringing together the activities and efforts of the individuals, clubs, groups and organisations that handle one aspect of Urhobo affairs or the other to bring about a holistic fulfilment of the aspirations of the Urhobo people. This connection will be with all the Urhobo people, the Ivies and Oloroguns in the 22/3 Urhobo Clans or sub-cultures, UPU and Urhobo Historical Society.


3.                  To provide a “bridge” or a link between our present leaders and the generations following so that there is “shadowing” or “mentoring” or “discipleship” or any such name that will happen along the line so that there can be smooth transition of leadership.


4.                  To provide avenue for enlightenment/education of the people and create ample awareness for the people from all aspects and works of life within the Urhobo people.


5.                  To foster peaceful and harmonious co-existence among the various groups and clubs (comprising of the Ivies, Oloroguns, Chiefs, elders, elites, “the eghweyas” and the youths) and neighbouring non-Urhobos so that the focus will be a unified move for the actualisation and realisation of Urhobo aspirations and not individualistic and selfish struggle that hitherto tear us widely apart. (The present Urhobo people and organisations operate as individual block which cannot build a solid house without a cement to gel each block together with the other for strength and solidity. We all need to gel together while we maintain our individuality.)


6.                  To foster the atmosphere of brotherly love for one another for our common goal of purpose within the comity of nations in Nigeria and in the Diaspora to be achieved.


7.                  To provide avenue that fosters a holistic Social, Political, Economical and Cultural Development of Urhobo people and Urhobo land.

8.         To do all things that promotes the interest of Urhobo People and Urhobo land.


9.        To provide a "Funnel" for varied Urhobo ideas. That is, opening the gateway whereby individuals (young or old, men or women) and organisations could channel their ideas for further development of Urhobo.


Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at:

Urhobo Bridge UK, Register No. 7187638, England and Wales.